SEZs – Special Economic Zones

Decree-Law No. 91 of 20 June 2017, converted with amendments by Law No. 123 of 3 August 2017 (GURI General Series No.188 of 12 August 2017) and subsequent amendments, within the context of urgent interventions for economic growth in Southern Italy, introduced and regulated the Special Economic Zones (SEZs), within which operational or newly established enterprises can benefit of ad-hoc tax benefits and administrative streamlining.

The Regulation on Special Economic Zones (SEZs) was adopted via President of the Council of Ministers Decree dated 25 January 2018 (GURI General Series No. 47 of 26 February 2018).

SEZ Calabria

SEZ Campania

Interregional Ionian SEZ – Apulia-Basilicata

Interregional Adriatic SEZ – Apulia-Molise