Territorial Public Accounts (CPT)

Rilevare, Misurare, Analizzare

The CPT System

How the CPT System works (organised in a Central Technical Unit and a Network of Regional Units) and what methodology is used for data collection.

The data

Browse CPT data and navigate through the interactive dynamic views of CPT Data Explorer. Historical series available from 2000 to date.


Collection of the main publications such as “CPT Temi”, “CPT Informa”, Methodological Guide and Newsletters.

  • Easy CPT

    Dynamic views of CPT revenue and expenditure showing how much and how Regions have spent resources, how revenue is broken down, and what items compose it.


Events and seminar meetings of the CPT System and the Network of Regional Units.


All useful information to contact the Central Technical Unit and the Units of Regions and Autonomous Provinces.

Reserved Area

Space reserved for the components of the CPT System, with access to database and document area.