Joint Body for Innovation

The Joint Body for Innovation (Organismo Paritetico per l’Innovazione) is aimed at permanent activation of open and collaborative relationships for: organisation and innovation projects, services enhancement, promotion of legality, work quality and organisational well-being (training policies, remote working and life-work balance, prevention of work-related stress and burn-out) to submit proposals to the relevant administration (or negotiating parties of supplementary agreements).

The Joint Body for Innovation of the Territorial Cohesion Agency was established via Director General Decree No. 201/2018.

Pursuant to Art. 6 of the national collective bargaining agreement (central functions) for 2016-2018, the Joint Body for Innovation shall devise an interaction pattern for participatory involvement of trade unions under Art. 7(3) on all and any initiative with a complex and experimental project-design dimension aimed at public administration organisational activity.

Pursuant to the above collective agreement, the Body has a peer-to-peer composition: one representative per each trade union organisation under Art. 7(3), plus one institutional representative from the public administration. Members have equal relevance, whether representing trade unions or not. The Joint Body for Innovation: meets at least twice a year, and whenever the administration manifests its intention to introduce experimental and/or innovative, complex organisational planning (implementation methods and times); may transmit its own project proposals (consistently with feasibility analysis outcomes) to the administration or to the negotiating parties of the supplementary agreement, on matters pertaining to the latter; may adopt a regulation governing its operation; may carry out analyses, investigations and studies, also with reference to Art. 79 of the agreement; monitors the implementation of the “positive actions” plans issued by central guarantee committees, in collaboration with the latter.

President: LUCIO LUSSI

Joint Body for Innovation – Regulation