Central Guarantee Committee

Enhancing well-being in work, promoting equal opportunities, suppressing marginalisation and devaluation of female and male workers, and defeating all forms of sexual, moral and psychic violence are key factors of public administrations’ actions to improve services.

To guarantee these objectives, ensure respect for persons, and combat any discrimination expressly referred to in the Charter of Values ​​of the Territorial Cohesion Agency, the “Central Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities, enhancement of workers’ well-being, and fight against discrimination” (Comitato Unico di Garanzia – a.k.a. CUG) was established.

Pursuant to Article 21 of Law No. 183/2010 and the Guidelines issued via Presidency of the Council of Ministers Directive dated 4 March 2011, each public administration is required to set up its own CUG. Aimed at enhancing the protection of female and male workers through propositive, consultative and appraising actions, without new or greater burdens for public finance, the Committee unifies and performs all the tasks entrusted to the several committees for equal opportunities and joint committees fighting against mobbing.

The Committee has a peer-to-peer composition and includes a member designated by each trade union within the public administration, plus an equal number of institutional representatives from such administration, ensuring equal female-male gender membership. The President of the Committee is designated by the public administration.

The Committee’s full and alternate members (and related alternates) and President were appointed pursuant to Decrees No. 74/2018, No. 21/2019 (replacement of members), No.189/2020, No. 106/2019, and No. 84/2018.

President:  TERESA COSTA