The Agency

Objectives and Aims


Cohesion Policy is unique in the world in terms of actions aimed at bridging the development gap between the regions of the EU Member States.


The Agency promotes economic development and cohesion to eliminate the territorial divide within the Country and building the PA’s administrative capacity.


The Agency has taken up the challenge of responding to the development needs of territories by creating useful structural conditions to improve citizens’ quality of life

The Director General of the Territorial Cohesion Agency

Director General

The Director General is the legal representative of the Agency, responsible for management and implementation of the objectives defined in policy and programming acts issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The bodies of the Agency

The bodies of the Agency

The bodies composing the Agency are: the Director General, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Auditors.

Legal Sources

Regulatory references

The Territorial Cohesion Agency was established pursuant to Art. 10 of Decree-Law No. 101 of 31.08.2013, converted with amendments by Law No. 125 of 30.10.2013.

Committees, Bodies and Task Forces


Cohesion Policy implementation is monitored within a series of committees set up under the Partnership Agreement.


Central Guarantee Committee – Joint Body for Innovation

Task Forces

The Agency set up ad-hoc activities to monitor and support local authorities through various types of task forces.

  • Projects and Instruments Area

    La Programmazione comunitaria 2014-2020 prevede in Italia la realizzazione di 75 Programmi Operativi cofinanziati a valere sui 4 Fondi Strutturali e di Investimento europei

  • Cohesion Policy in Italy

    The 2007-2013 implementation ended successfully in March 2017 with total absorption of the EU resources assigned to Italy (approximately 27.9 billion euro), thanks to relevant innovative interventions on Cohesion Policy institutional governance and flexibility solutions at EU level.

  • Dossier tematici

    L’Agenzia per la coesione territoriale svolge un’attenta attività di ricerca e analisi, sui temi vicini alle sue funzioni, che restituisce attraverso le sue pubblicazioni periodiche.