Progress data on the 11 Thematic Objectives

European funds 2014-2020: where do we stand?

With the aim of disseminating relevant figures, raising awareness on the topic, and making the reading of complex information more accessible and immediate, the Territorial Cohesion Agency produced a dedicated infographic, also published on social media such as Twitter and Instagram.

The infographic shows the 11 Thematic Objectives (TOs), each one represented with a specific icon in line with the reference image adopted by the Territorial Cohesion Agency, and indicates the overall budget, the budgets of individual TOs, and the amount of resources activated for their related projects to be implemented.

Following the campaign “I Numeri della Coesione (“Cohesion Numbers”), expressly designed to disseminate updated data, the current infographic illustrating the progress data on the 11 TOs updated at 31.12.2019 aims to provide a synthesis and an update in the communication path undertaken by the Territorial Cohesion Agency to constantly release information on Cohesion Policy progress in Italy.

Please, find below the links to updated progress data on the 11 Thematic Objectives. Find out how many European Funds Italy invests and in pursuit of what goals.

Data updated at 31 December 2019

Data updated at 31 August 2019

Data updated at 30 September 2018