Cohesion Policy

Cohesion Policy in Italy

Based on the EU 2021-2027 programming, Italy is to implement 48 programmes co-financed by EU Structural Funds.

Operational Programmes

Tools and Programmes

The Partnership Agreement establishes, for each EU Member State, the strategic framework for the 2021-2027 national programming of the ESI Funds.

The “PON Governance”

The National Operational Programme “Governance e Capacità Istituzionale” 2014-2020 (ESF/ERDF) invests in the strategic priorities of PA strengthening and innovation.

The “PON Metro”

It is a programme of interventions for sustainable urban development and involves Italy’s 14 metropolitan cities.


Regulatory sources

Regulations, Delegated Regulations, Implementing Regulations, Implementing Decisions, IPA-CBC and related legislation, other useful legislation.

Partnership Agreement

The Partnership Agreement is a document prepared by each Member State to set out the strategy and priorities pursued, and the methods for efficient and effective use of ESI Funds.


The 2021-2027 programming is strongly focused on results and requires a stronger contribution from management and control systems to ensure sound financial management.

Thematic Dossiers, News and Stories

  • Thematic Dossiers

    The Territorial Cohesion Agency carries out in-depth research and analysis on topics closely related to its functions.

  • News on OPs

    A section dedicated to news on Operational Programmes: projects, calls for proposals, and implementation experiences.

  • Stories

    In this section the voices and experiences of several administrations or ordinary citizens that every day have first-hand experiences with the opportunities offered by Cohesion Policy.