Development Pacts

The Territorial Cohesion Agency is called to contribute to investment initiatives currently being defined by the Government, in agreement with relevant regional and local administrations, to secure interventions both in Southern Regions and in the rest of the Country.

Via Development Pacts, the Government, Regions and Metropolitan Cities commit themselves to specific priority objectives within defined implementation deadlines.

In defining governance instruments and establishing Steering Committees, Development Pacts confirm the Agency’s role of strengthening, coordinating, monitoring and supporting Cohesion Policy.

Development Pacts provide the current regulatory framework with additional joint governance to be exercised with the signatory Regions and local authorities for project implementation, monitoring and control. Consequently, the Agency is progressively equipping itself with methods and working tools to support and accompany the institutions involved in Development Pacts implementation and management:

  • A single operational tool for Pacts management, developed on a shared database with other signatories, consistent implementation of necessary information, uniform reporting and unambiguous methods of preventive and final analysis of activities such as to prevent any critical implementation;
  • Internal procedures and chains of responsibilities that will govern the activities of its structures and representatives within supervisory bodies, to ensure decision-making consistency and synergy between all the Agency’s structures.

In this context, the Agency chairs the Development Pacts Committees, namely steering and control bodies used by the Political Authority for Cohesion and the Regions and Metropolitan Cities concerned to manage the Pacts.

These Committees are composed of:

    • a representative from the Cohesion Policy Department;
    • a representative from the Department for Economic Policy Planning and Coordination (DIPE);
    • a representative from the Territorial Cohesion Agency;
    • a representative from the Region/Metropolitan City concerned.

Work of the Steering Committees (2016)

Italy’s Development and Cohesion Fund (FSC) and “Pacts for the South”: recorded decisions  (news in the website of the Department for Economic Policy Planning and Coordination).