Cohesion Magazine

March 2021 – Ensuring original sources to draw information and data on Cohesion Policy implementation. This is the need that led us to creating a web magazine. What you are skimming now is the first step of an editorial adventure. The idea stemmed from the ongoing exchange of questions and answers and the intense work carried out by public actors in the field of institutional communication who actively interact within national and EU networks.

We are convinced that communication now plays a key role in ensuring knowledge and effectiveness of public policies. And in order to meet the new challenges posed by the new media on a daily basis, it is necessary to find innovative ways to disseminate news, reflections and considerations on interesting topics concerning growth, development, and reduction of territorial disparities.

The current period, marked by socio-economic and health crisis, has profoundly changed our way of being, as well as our interpersonal relations and forecasts. The new challenges provide an opportunity to improve existing paths and consolidate the close relationship with all those involved in the implementation of policies and use of public, national and EU resources.

The magazine is the result of fervent teamwork, which confirms – if ever needed – that it is essential to move together to ensure strategic effectiveness of communication actions. Central and regional administrations responded enthusiastically to our proposal, as witnessed by the variety and quality of contributions in this first issue.

We report on the good practices of National and Regional Operational Programmes (NOPs and ROPs, respectively) and INTERREG Programmes and the support of European funds for the COVID-19 health emergency. Cohesion Magazine will show you the first tangible results of the National Strategy for “Inner Areas”, European Territorial Cooperation, the EU commitment to gender equality, the support to public administrations on Public Procurement and State Aid, and the common intent that led us to implementing a unified Communication Strategy for 2021-2027.

JUNE 2021 – Cohesion is a newspaper. It is a further step in the creation of the editorial project launched by the Territorial Cohesion Agency last March and a great opportunity to go on constructing a new storytelling on Cohesion Policy. In the past few months, new fellow travellers have enthusiastically begun to collaborate in the extensive editorial work of our magazine – the best team to manage and overcome the challenges over the coming months.

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