European Documentation Centres (EDCs)

The European Documentation Centres (EDCs) were established by the European Commission in 1963.

Mainly housed in universities, research institutes, higher education institutions of all EU Member Countries and some Third Countries, the EDCs are part of the Europe Direct Information Centre Network coordinated by the Directorate General for “Press and Communication” of the European Commission (DG Press) in all Member States, and are in charge of establishing contacts with other EDCs and Information Networks to promote the debate on the European Union.

Most of the paper and electronic documentation produced by EU institutions is available at the EDCs, mainly in Italian. For this reason, EDCs offer free-of-charge integrated information and documentation services on European Union activities and policies, operating as one of the Commission’s information networks.

Italian Network of European Documentation Centres

EDCs in Italy

The EDC and the Library at the Territorial Cohesion Agency


One of the European Documentation Centres in Rome is housed within the Library of the Territorial Cohesion Agency.

Established in September 2016, in cooperation with the offices of the European Commission’s Representation in Italy and in harmony with the mission of the Agency itself, the EDC offers an integrated information and documentation service on EU activities and promotes greater knowledge on EU and international programmes and initiatives.

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The Library, with the Agency’s EDC, is part of the National Library System and Cultural and Library Centre of the Ministry of Economic Development.

As from establishment of the Territorial Cohesion Agency, the Library has been integrated within Office 1 (DG staff office) for “Institutional Relations, Legislative Affairs, EU Policies, and Communication”.

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The Library is located on the ground floor of a building built after 1946, currently housing the Territorial Cohesion Agency. The entrance is based within a faithful reproduction of the great fireplace housed in Palazzo Altemps (second half of 1500).

 Access to the Library is free, open to students, teachers, researchers and all citizens who wish to learn or analyse in depth the subjects of the European Union and the functioning of its institutions and bodies.



Newsletter of the Italian network of EDCs

newsletter cde italiani

Since July 2019, the European Documentation Centre (EDC) of the Territorial Cohesion Agency is part of the editorial group that activated the Newsletter of the Italian Network of EDCs, set up to inform citizens of EU initiatives and events organised by the Network at a national level. News will cover Volunteering, Internships, Jobs in Europe, Study and Research Grants, Competitions, Databases.

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European Documentation Centre

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The European Documentation Centre (EDC) is based in Rome, Via Sicilia 162/C

Opening hours: Monday-Friday h. 9:30am – 1.30pm

Tel. +39 06 96517 766 / 938 / 750


Head of Office: Giulia Amato
Officer: Marina Bugamelli