The Steering Committee

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Artt. 50 e 51 DECRETO-LEGGE 24 febbraio 2023, n. 13 – Disposizioni urgenti per l’attuazione del Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza (PNRR) e del Piano nazionale degli investimenti complementari al PNRR (PNC), nonché per l’attuazione delle politiche di coesione e della politica agricola comune.

The Steering Committee, hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”, is appointed via decree issued by the President of the Council of Ministers (or the political authority, whereby delegated).

Chaired by the Director General of the Agency, the Committee also consists of four members, including two executives from the Agency’s main sectors of activity and two representatives from the territorial authorities designated by the “Unified Conference” (one representing regional authorities and the other representing local authorities, respectively).

The members of the Committee remain in office for three years. Their mandates may be renewed only once and shall not involve any form of compensation. The members designated by the “State-Regions Conference” and by the “State-City Conference” may not carry out any activity connected to the tasks performed by the Agency or by other entities that support the Agency in performing its institutional tasks. Members that, for any reason, have ceased their own mandate shall be replaced in accordance with the same procedures applied for their appointment. The Committee manages its work in compliance with the organisational provisions regulating the Agency.