Regional Public Account System

The Regional Public Accounts (RPA) System, consisting of a Central Technical Unit(CTU) and a Network of 21 structures (Regional Teams), is responsible for measuring and analysing at regional level the incoming and outgoing cash flows of the public administrations and of all entities belonging to the public sector, i.e., those subject to the control of public entities.  
The primary objective is to reconstruct the consolidated accounts of current and capital expenditure and revenues of the Public Sector(PS) within a dedicated database. 
Users may consult the data thus generated using a range of interactive and other methods, based on all available attributes: reference year, local unit, level of consolidation (PA or PS), type of entities, economic categories and sectors. 
Also thanks to its widespread presence throughout the country, the RPA System provides for the analytical reconstruction of identifying and financial information relating to the entities in question, ensuring a wealth of information that is currently unique and not reported by any other official statistical source.
The Regional Public Accounts database has been part of the National Statistical System (SISTAN) since 2004.
In summary, the System is characterised by:
Comprehensiveness and flexibility:
Reliability, transparency and accessibility:
    • 7-10 months with respect to the publication of entity financial statements for the overall set of information
    • 3 months with respect to the reference period of the information for capital expenditure of the Public Administration thanks to the estimate indicator