Regional RPA Monograph 2013

Public financial flows in the Culture and Recreational Services Sector
The Regional Public Account (RPA) Monographs project presents the analysis of the financial expenditure and revenue flows for the entire Public Sector for each region at two-year intervals, using the data contained in the RPA database       
The 2013 edition is dedicated to an analysis of the Culture and Recreational Services sector, traditionally a strategic axis in the statements of politicians and administrators of all levels and, at the same time, on the first line of budget cuts in all phases of restricting public finance. With the RPA System data in hand, it was possible to demonstrate how our Country's expenditure in culture almost halved over the reference decade, from 2000 to 2011. This constitutes the biggest nationwide investment cut at sector level in the new millennium.
The process of information reconstruction, with reference to the period 2000-2011, is based on the detection of expenditure values, from RPA sources, through the involvement of the different entities on the regional territory, belonging both to the General Government and to National or Local Public Enterprises.
The statistical data of the RPA were integrated with sectorial information from Istat and MIBACT sources, referring to physical and context data, which make it possible to reconstruct a broader perspective on the supply and demand for cultural goods and services.
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Note: data updated in April 2013. The monographs for Lombardia, Valle d'Aosta and the Autonomous Province of Trento are not available in the 2013 edition.


The 2013 RPA Monographs were published for the first time in online interactive mode as well (available only in Italian).
Each edition of the Regional RPA Monographs has been presented and discussed at public events organised at both central and regional level (national conference proceedings available here).
The publication was co-financed by the European Union - ERDF, NOP (Italy’s National Operational Programme) Governance and Technical Assistance 2007-2013 - Operational Objective I.6 - Project "Consolidation, promotion and dissemination of Regional Public Accounts - Beneficiary Studiare Sviluppo s.r.l.