Studies, research and conferences

The Central Technical Unit constantly pursues the objective of boosting the knowledge of the individual regional areas and spreading the use of the RPA System in support of the programming and evaluation of public policies.
For this purpose, in addition to making the open format database available to users and publishing analyses and studies on the basis of RPA data, the CTU is committed to the organisation of and participation in conferences and seminars, including those dedicated to Monograph presentations.
The documents planned and prepared within the RPA System and those of external analysts who use the data processed by the System for their analyses (collected in the Other Analyses and studies section) are published in this area.
The documents relating to the Regional monographs, due to their complexity and different structure, are published in the dedicated section.
The Methodological guide to the Regional Public Accounts is, with the volume dedicated to the relative details, a tool which systematically reconstructs the objectives, methods and decisions underlying the construction of the RPAs.
RPA themes is the new editorial line of the RPA System, which hosts thematic analyses, assessments and calculations on the Regional Public Accounts.