Easy RPA is an instrument designed by the Regional Public Accounts (RPA) Central Technical Unit to make the complex information processed by the RPA System easily accessible.
This section aims to show, through easy to interpret graphs, how the different expenditure and revenue items are distributed at entity, area and sector level, using RPA data.
Easy RPA makes it possible to view the breakdown of cash flows using two different access keys:
- Expenditure: breakdown of public expenditure in the different economic sectors (e.g., healthcare, transport, environment, etc.);
- Revenues: breakdown of incoming cash flows between the various public entities (e.g., Central government, Regional administrations, Local public enterprises, etc.).
To navigate within the interactive graphs, simply select either of the sections specified below.  

View RPA expenditure data

View RPA revenue data

 For all other details, please refer to the various sections of the website, which may be reached through the menu on the left and explain in more detail what the RPA System is and how it works, the methodology used to construct the figures, and many other aspects characterising and qualifying the System.
Source: RPA Database