Open RPA Data and Catalogue

Through a methodology defined on an ad hoc basis, the RPA System reconstructs the consolidated accounts of current and capital expenditure and revenues of the Public Sector (PS).
This section provides a range of interactive methods for consulting consolidated accounts based on all available attributes: reference year, local unit, level of consolidation (PA or PS), categories of entities, economic categories and sectors.
All data and methodologies are published in open format, as the RPA System complies with the principles of Open Government, and in keeping with the objective of favouring transparency and citizen access to public information.
For details on the breakdown of quotas for the South (2000-2014 time series), consult the following tables: 
  • Southern Quota of capital expenditure of the PA and the PS 
   pdf    xls
  • Southern Quota of capital expenditure of the main national public enterprises
  pdf    xls
The OpenRPA data catalogue, which may be consulted through a tree structure (only in Italian), includes all datasets made available by the System relating to the Public Administration as well as the Public Sector (PS), organised based on different access keys - expenditure/revenues, economic categories, type of entities, sectors of intervention.
The content of each dataset is described in the detailed sheets, from which it is possible to subsequently download the desired files - available in XLS format as well as in OpenData CSV format.
For details on the variables contained in the datasets of the Open RPA catalogue, download the Metadata.
For the printable list of the Open RPA catalogue datasets, download the Index of tables.